Thank you to all of our volunteers!  It takes many hands and many hearts to make everything possible at Grand Ridge.  We greatly appreciate all you do!


Committee Chairs

  • Reflections Art Program: Farha Ajir-LaHue
  • Scholastic Book Fair:  Kristen Dayley
  • Staff Appreciation:  Hannah Coblentz and Mary Rose Guerin


Room Parents

  • 1st Grade
    • Molly Mullen
  • 2nd Grade
    • Stacy Ryan
    • Hannah Coblentz
    • Chelsea Musick
    • Tara Sengamalay
    • Laura Gaffney
    • Jessica Russi
  • 3rd Grade
    • Heather McNeal
    • Larel Barik
    • Mugil Kalaivanan
    • Rochelle Forbes
    • Erin Csonaki
    • Johnna M.
    • Maya W.
    • Hannah Coblentz
    • Anca Popoaei
    • Susana Akema Toma
  • 4th Grade
    • Brianne Prather
    • Toni Hunter
    • Erin Michael
    • Shilpi Sharma
  • 5th Grade 
    • Kim de Booij
    • Liette Loiselle


Volunteer of the Month Award

Each month we recognize a volunteer who has gone above and beyond at some point in the school year. 



 2019-2020 Volunteer of the Month Recipients

  • September:     Kristen Peoples
  • October:         Greg Davis
  • November:     Kim Collette
  • December:     Latha Veeraraghavan
  • January:         Sherry Hassard

2018-2019 Volunteer of the Month Recipients

  • September:     Liette Loiselle
  • October:          Adriana Stamenova
  • November:      Farha Ajir-LaHue
  • December:      Kristen Dayley
  • February:        Preetha Mohan Sagar
  • March/April:    Kainoa Patterson & Erica Stapleton
  • May:               Monica Decore
  • June:              Jessica Russi


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