Congratulations to all of our Grand Ridge Spelling Bee Participants! We had a great time cheering on your spelling skills. Hope to see at the Bee next year!


The 2020-21 Spelling Bee is coming March 1-3, 2021! 


All grades are welcome to join in this friendly competition of oral spelling ability. Each grade has their own bee. **Your student must be an actively enrolled student at Grand Ridge to participate.


We are planning to host each grade's spelling bee on Zoom. We recommend that participants have a headset ideally with a microphone so they can hear and be heard clearly. Participants will be given a word to spell and they will repeat the word, spell it, and repeat the word again. Each correctly spelled word earns a trip to the next round. The bee ends when there is just one speller remaining! There are three levels of words but especially at the older grades, we encourage kids to learn all 450 words to prepare for the school spelling bee although later rounds of the bee may include words not on the study list.  



The winner of the 5th Grade Spelling Bee will have the opportunity to represent Grand Ridge and compete for the local championship, if they wish to do so. The local championship is March 27, 2021 at 1:00pm at Town Hall, Seattle. They will hold a qualifying virtual bee on March 20th with both vocabulary and spelling words. They may decide to use the Scripps Spelling Bee online testing platform instead of an in-person event. More details will be available in early March.  


Any student may participate but must register by February 21. You should select the Spelling Bee form for each child you wish to have participate. (Registration is required to receive the word study lists.)


Questions?  Feedback?  Contact


Spelling Bee Rules - please review with your student in advance of the spelling bee!


Spelling Bee Materials



  • The spelling bee is intended to be a fun and friendly contest. We hope that every student will leave feeling proud to have participated.

  • It is natural to feel some disappointment when a student is eliminated. For kids who take disappointment especially hard, it may help to understand that there is an element of luck involved in a spelling bee. We have worked hard to ensure fairness by giving words of the same difficulty level in any given round. However, which specific word each student gets on his/her turn is a matter of luck.

  • Tips for Success from Scripps Site

    1. For inspiration, watch the documentary Spellbound on family movie night.

    2. Keep a "great words" journal for every new and interesting word that you find. 

    3. Designate a spelling wall in your home. Post new words to the wall each day. 

    4. For family game night, conduct an impromptu themed spelling bee. Use a newspaper for a current events bee or a cookbook for a cuisine bee. 

    5. Do like Akeelah did. Spell and jump rope!

    6. Ask friends and neighbors to challenge you with great spelling words. 

    7. Find a good luck charm—perhaps shoelaces with a bumblebee design or a special coin.

    8. Read great books. You'll be entertained while you effortlessly improve your spelling and increase your vocabulary.

    9. Scour the dictionary in search of words to stump your parents and teachers.

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