Grand Ridge PTSA Committee Descriptions

There are many wonderful opportunities to help within the PTSA to make an impact on the kids and staff of our school. These descriptions offer some insight into what each position is responsible for handling. Roles vary in time commitment - some are full year, others for a very short period of time; duties are specific to the committee. (And if you're looking for details on a PTSA Board Position, click here.)

Almost any committee would welcome additional leadership or resources. If you don't see a committee or program that you think could make an impact at Grand Ridge, reach out to the PTSA President to see what it would take to make it happen - programs like the Spelling Bee and K-Kids existed because a parent took the initiative to start it. 


After School Movies

Chair – Works on timing of the movies, set up requirements, purchasing of snacks, communication for movie dates & sign up, and coordinating volunteers.

Volunteers – Movies are offered after school on various Wednesdays throughout the year.  At least 5 people needed each week to bring students to the Commons for the movie.  At least 1 parent per 25 students attending the movie needed to chaperon.  Volunteers at the movie will assist with checking parent ID for student dismissal from the movie. 


Angel Program

Chair - Communicates between the school and angel "donors" when a student need arises. All needs are handled confidentially by the school. 

Volunteers - Receive emails from Chair and can offer to purchase/provide for the stated need. 


Annual Award Committee (Feb/Mar) 

Committee - Chosen by PTSA President. Committee reviews written recommendations and votes on who will receive the PTSA's annual Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator and Outstanding Advocate award(s) offered to people who have given exemplary service to children in our school community.


Art Docent

Chair – Works on all organization needed for program including recruiting sub-chairs.

Sub Chairs – One each for managing the kiln, and ordering art supplies.  Further sub-chairs needed as art docent leads for each grade level.

Volunteers – An Art Docent needed for each classroom.  Volunteers will spend about 60 minutes in the classroom each month to conduct a hands-on art lesson or assist the teachers on special projects.  Samples, project books, materials, supplies, and art curriculum for each grade level are available.


Bear Hunt - School tours for incoming 1st grade students (held in May)

Chair – Coordinates volunteers, inventories supplies, organizes set-up, provides oversight for event.

Volunteers – Several people needed to help give information at each stop on the self guided tour of the school.  Scripts provided for "tour guides."


Book Swap Event

Chair - Coordinates collection of books and sets up evening event for students to pick out 'new to them' books.  Decides what other entertainment will be provided that evening.

Volunteers - A few people needed to organize the books into levels, make signs for the boxes, collect cookies and milk for the evening, help with promoting event etc.


Emergency Prep

Chair – 1-2 people inventory the emergency backpack in each classroom for required supplies.  Make sure all supplies are up-to-date and replace expired supplies.  Make requests as needed to PTSA board for additional supplies.

Volunteers – Work handled by 1-2 people.  No further volunteers required.


Cultural Diversity Council

Chair - Works to put together group of diverse volunteers willing to brainstorm small projects that the kids can do at lunch once a month.

Volunteers - Several people needed to think of projects, get materials, and set up hands on learning about a specific culture during afternoon recess.


Cultural Fair Event (every other year)

Chair – Large event.  Chair person coordinates several volunteers and organizes all items needed.

Volunteers – Several people needed to help plan and implement this event through advertising, organizing setup, organizing booths, etc.  A large number of additional volunteers are needed on the day of the event.


Falloween (Family Social)

Chair – Large event.  Chair person needed to help plan and organize a fun and family-oriented social activity. 

Volunteers – Several volunteers needed for all areas of the event.  (i.e.: set-up, check in, managing a booth, serving food, taking pictures, etc.)


Financial Review

Chair – Set up by the treasurer and handled by at least 3 PTSA members.  No “chair” required. 

Volunteers – Financial review consists of a minimum of three PTSA members who review the PTSA's books and records twice each year (January & July). They will utilize a financial review checklist provided by the Washington State PTSA office. Review takes about 2 hours.


Fundraising Events (Annual in the Fall and Bi-Annual Spring Event)

Chair - Organizes event and communications, negotiates with external vendors as needed, oversees volunteers.

Volunteers - Depends on the event. 



Chair – Works with the librarian and coordinates the volunteers for the program.

Volunteers – This committee facilitates the purchase of books for our school library through donations.  Duties may include printing name plates for books, acknowledging donors in the Grizzly Growl and school bulletin board, and coordinating with the school librarian to maintain a supply of books including managing the online Amazon inventory of requested books.


Grizzly Garden Patch

Chair – Solicits volunteers and organizes activities to enhance the school garden.

Volunteers – Help at recess time in the garden per plans set out by the chair and committee.


Grizzly Gear - Spirit Wear

Chair – Works with vendor on samples, logo etc. for gear.  Organizes and orders the Grizzly Gear (Grand Ridge “spirit wear”) that is offered 2-3 times throughout the year. 

Volunteers – 1-2 people needed to help with disbursement of the gear when it arrives.


Grizzly Guys

Chair – Solicits volunteers and organizes activities for the Grizzly Guys program

Volunteers – Help engage students at 2nd recess on select Fridays per plans set out by the chair and committee.



Chair – Coordinates volunteers to make baked goods, set up and clean up after events in which hospitality is provided.

Volunteers –Make refreshments available for attendees or volunteers of specific events throughout the school-year.  Refreshments include coffee, tea (hot water), coffee accessories, snacks for volunteers, baked goods, sweet treats, fresh fruit, etc.


Issaquah Schools Foundation

The Issaquah Schools Foundation representative provides the link between ISF and Grand Ridge. The ISF rep. provides information about and promotes the foundation to the school community.


Kindergarten Registration

Chair – Coordinates volunteers to help staff with kindergarten registration.  Manages set-up and take -down of any materials.

Volunteers – Volunteers needed over 2 days to work with the Grand Ridge front office staff to register incoming kindergartners.


Lost & Found

Chair – Checks Lost & Found bin weekly.  Tags items with date and hangs on the Lost & Found racks for display.  Cleans and delivers unclaimed items quarterly to the Issaquah Food Bank or other nonprofit.  Submits advertisements to the PTSA Communications Director for publication in the Grizzly Growl and on the reader board.

Volunteers – Chair may recruit a few people to help with the above or handle alone.


Nominating Committee

Chair – Chosen by committee.

Volunteers – Solicit nominations for the PTSA Board of Directors for the following year.


People Movers/Lunch Help (September)

Chair – Coordinates volunteers to help the first week of school.

Volunteers – Help direct students to their appropriate wings the first few days of school (before and after).  Help students get the hang of the lunch process the first week (looking up lunch number, helping open items as needed etc.)


Picture Day (Typically October)

Chair – Coordinates volunteers and set-up as needed.

Volunteers – 3-4 people needed to direct classes to photographer in fall for individual photos and spring for class (and some individual) photos.


Popcorn Friday (1st Friday of the Month)

Chair – Coordinates volunteers and organizes all needs for popcorn sales.  Orders items required.

Volunteers – Make and/or sell popcorn on designated days. Count money. Some volunteers are responsible for cleaning the popcorn popper.


Program Chairs (i.e. Drama Club, Spelling Bee, K-Kids, STEM Club, Culture Club) 

Chair – Works on timing, coordinates with staff/teachers, organizes/updates content for the program, coordinates volunteers and work with communications. 

Volunteers – Varies by club/program


Reader Board

Chair – No “chair” needed.  Work handled under direction of the Communication Director. 

Volunteers – 2-4 people assist putting letters out on the reader board per a set schedule and script 1-5 times per week.



Chair – Encourages students to participate in this event and works closely with the PTSA Council Representative. Distributes information about theme, accepts entries, recruits judges, and submits them to district level.

Volunteers – A few people needed to judge entries and help with reception for Reflections participants.


Room Parent Coordinator

Chair – Assists teachers in placing room parents in their classrooms.  Provides training and support for room parents.

Volunteers – Room parents needed for each classroom to assist teachers as needed and forward PTSA information on to parents as requested.


Science Fair (every other year)

Chair – Large event.  Chair person coordinates several volunteers and organizes all items needed.

Volunteers – Several people needed to help plan and implement this event through advertising, organizing setup, organizing special guest booths, etc.  A large number of additional volunteers are needed on the day of the event.


School Supplies (May/June & September)

Chair – Organizes and implements the sale of school supplies to families for the upcoming year. 

Volunteers – Help needed for distribution of supplies just before school starts.


Staff Appreciation

Chair – Organizes quarterly staff appreciation activities, as well as the Staff Appreciation Week in the spring. Possible events include breakfast for staff, lunch for staff, goodies for staff, posters around school, etc.

Volunteers – People needed each month to provide food or other items as determined by chair.



Chair – Large event.  Chair person coordinates several volunteers and organizes all items needed.

Volunteers – Several people needed to help plan and implement this event through advertising,  organizing setup, organizing booths and food etc.  A large number of additional volunteers are needed on the day of the event.


Talent Show (typically January)

Chair – Mid-size event.  Chair person coordinates several volunteers and organizes talent show categories, event night program, reviews content of acts to ensure appropriate for school. 

Volunteers – Several people needed to help plan and implement this event through advertising,  organizing setup, coordinating participants through the evening, etc. 


Vision & Hearing Screening (typically October)

Chair – Supports school nurse by scheduling volunteers to help conduct vision and hearing tests for every student.

Volunteers – Several people needed to direct classes to the vision and hearing screening location and perform simple tests.



Chair –  Coordinates all aspects of the yearbook including: candid pictures, design & layout of the book, marketing sales of the books, and distribution of the yearbooks the last week of school.

Volunteers – Further help needed to gather pictures and information to help compile the yearbook.  People also needed with distribution of yearbook.  The "chair" position can be divided into smaller parts.

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