Grand Ridge PTSA has a membership goal of 100%! 


that supports every child at Grand Ridge: the PTSA!

Our team includes parents, teachers, grandparents, school staff, caregivers, community members and more - an active community helping every Grand Ridge child reach their potential.

We can't do it without YOU!

Joining the PTSA:

  • Demonstrates your SUPPORT of the mission and goals of the PTSA
  • Helps you get CONNECTED within our school community 
  • Gives you the opportunity to SPEAK UP and make an impact

Added bonus: All PTSA members have access to the Grand Ridge Elementary Online Directory as well as discounts and perks listed on the Washington State PTA and National PTA web sites.  Additionally, you will receive a discounted rate for your yearbook purchase this year.



Family membership - $25 - good for 2 adults


Staff membership - $10 - good for 1 Grand Ridge teacher/staff


Staff membership donation - $10 - use this option if you wish to purchase a membership for a Grand Ridge teacher/staff




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Remote Learning Resources

Need a laptop and/or hotspot?  Having troubles with your tech? Email ISD Tech Support or call 425-837-6371.

Free Meals Provided for Students

Clever, Seesaw, and Teams for Elementary

Elementary Remote Learning (tools and essential learnings)

ISD L.I.V.E. Remote Learning

Our Mission

To create and foster opportunities that enrich and support our children, school, and community.

Upcoming Events

All PTSA events are subject to COVID-19 guidelines and ISD approvals.  Check back here for the latest information near the event date.  

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