The Grand Ridge PTSA is proud to sponsor the GIFT-A-BOOK program which expands our school’s library with new and exciting high-quality materials and promotes reading among our students. 


We are offering the option of selecting either an eBook or a physical book.  Books are typically $15-$50 each. All eBooks purchased will be available for Grand Ridge students on SORA.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION - When you donate through the GIFT-A-BOOK program, your student is recognized in several ways. 


If you select an eBook: 

  • Your student will be recognized with either a display in the library or an online post. 
  • Your student will have the opportunity to check out the eBook from the library. 
  • Some eBooks may be limited to 12 or 24 months of circulation, or to a certain number of checkouts. 

If you select a physical book: 

  • It will include a personalized bookplate with your student’s name 
  • Your student will be the first person to check out the book from the library. 
  • Your student will be recognized with either a display in the library or an online post. 



 We invite you to participate in Grand Ridge’s GIFT-A-BOOK program: 

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